Powerful Hardware.

Affordable by design. Mix and match all of our devices to build your perfect system.

Any Operating System

Runs on all iOS and Android devices. Sync up as many devices as you'd like.

All Devices

Our software works on laptops, tablets, and phones to give the most flexibility.

For Quick Service

Our hardware was built with quick service operations in mind.
Tickets & Receipts

👋 Goodbye, printer.

Thermal printers are a relic of the past. By going paperless and eliminating printers, we save our partners time and money.

Hello, Digital Receipts.

Customers can choose to receive receipts over text, email, or both. All orders get tracked in app which means customers can find receipts at any time.

  • Send receipts by email and phone.
  • Saves every customer receipt.
  • No need for a physical printer.

Hello, Ticket Manager.

Printed tickets stack up, get spilled on, and cause chaos. Drip fixes this by sending every single ticket to one organized place.

  • All orders sent to one organized spot.
  • Customers receive updates during prep.
  • Sync multiple screens together.

🚀 Accept any card.

Choose the card reader that fits your business and accept every card for the same simple rate. We'll even handle disputes for you!

Small & Mighty - $79

This reader connects to any device over Bluetooth. Built for on the go payments and low-medium daily transaction volume.
  • End-end encryption and PCI compliance.
  • Accepts chip, swipe, and tap payments.
  • Wireless and on the go abilities.

Large & In Charge - $299

This countertop reader connects to any device via ethernet or wifi for top tier reliability. Built for high daily transaction volume.
  • End-end encryption and PCI compliance.
  • Accepts chip, swipe, and tap payments.
  • Powerful countertop processing.
Top notch security & compliance.
Accept chip, swipe, and tap payments.
We'll handle 100% of all disputes.
Tablet & Stand

💫 Command Station.

Sync together as many tablets as you'd like to build a restaurant of the future. Plus, you'll look good while doing it.

iPad (10.2 inch) $299

Sync together multiple devices.

Pair up unlimited tablets to build the perfect system for your location.

A pos, ticket manager, and kiosk.

Setup and easily switch any tablet to a point of sale, ticket manager, and kiosk.

Tablet Stand - $89

A stand for your counter that looks great and is indestructible. Swivels or pivots for customer facing display.
  • Solid metal construction.
  • Flips or pivots to face the customer.
  • Built for a restaurant environment.
Beautifully designed for your counter.

Modular hardware built specifically for counter service.

Mix & match all devices.
Unlimited devices at no extra cost.
Support for your current devices.